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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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The Church, having, unfortunately, rejected the
Doctrine of Re-incarnation, found itself on the horns of
a dilemma: Salvation and Damnation became the
only two alternatives left. As Baptism was the means
through which damnation could be escaped, and as the
number of men and women who were really regenerate
was very small, it was deemed necessary to try to pur-
chase Heaven at a reduced price, so as to " save " all
the multitudes who were not in the least disposed to
yield up their own will. The consequence was—pro-
miscuous distribution of the Sacrament.
Imagine the state of a School in which the un-
fortunate youngsters had the option between two awful
alternatives :
—either to enter without due preparation
an examination much above their mental capacity, or
else be expelled in utter disgrace and be ruined for life.
This is the only option offered to humanity by Orthodox
The Church,—which teaches that performance of
empty ceremonies has the faculty of procuring celestial
benefits,—resembles a schoolmaster who tells his pupils
that they can succeed in passing their examination by
Such educational methods cannot fail to produce
dire results : they lead to neglect of that which is
essential, viz. : the Development of the Divine Germ.
Regeneration is absolutely indispensable to Salvation,

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