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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Sponsors are not a human institution, but a Divine
The New-born Ohristos needs aid and protection
He has to " grow in wisdom and stature " (Luke ii. 52)
Two Guardian Angels, or " Guides," are specially at-
tached to Him and attend to His welfare. The
Regenerated Soul is never abandoned to its own re-
sources, but tenderly guarded and led by Invisible
Protectors, until it has attained " the measure of the
stature of the fulness of Christ " (Eph. iv. 1 3). Then
only the Sponsors are relieved of their charge. The Soul
which has been admitted unto personal Communion
with the Saviour has no further need of " Guides."
Amongst us this magnificent Institution has de-
generated into mere farce. The Godfather and God-
mother are supposed to guarantee that the baptized
infant will faithfully keep the Covenant entered upon
on its behalf without its knowledge and consent : they
promise to see that the Child will really be brought up
as a Christian. Do they keep this pledge ?
In the majority of cases, the Sponsors never give an
atom of religious instruction to their God-children, and
most parents would resent any attempt in that direction
as an intrusion. All that is required of the Sponsors
is to give a more or less handsome present to the Baby.
What has this institution, in its present condition, to
do with Religion ?

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