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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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The gifts of the Holy Ghost are not in the least
supernatural ; they constitute the glorious heritage
reserved for super-man.
It would be miraculous for an acorn to produce
a multitude of leaves below the surface of the soil ; it
is its nature to do so once it has emerged above ground.
Unregenerate Man is in darkness : his consciousness
is imprisoned in matter ; the five senses are the only
peep-holes through which impressions from the outer
world can reach him. But deep in the centre of his
nature lies hidden the rudiment of a sixth sense—that
of spiritual perception.
There has been considerable speculation within the
Church concerning the " Gifts of the Spirit," described
in 1 Cor. xiii. 1-11. It is generally believed that these
gifts were only distributed during the first centuries of
the Christian Era. One of them in particular is sup-
posed to have vanished, and that is the mysterious
" gift of tongues," Even the memory of what this gift
originally meant has been obliterated from out the
Christian Communities.
" The Speaking in tongues " is generally supposed to
consist in the more or less involuntary utterance of
incoherent sounds, void of any apparent sense. This
interpretation,—which is completely erroneous,—has
repeatedly prompted religious maniacs to pour out
torrents of incomprehensible sounds.
No wonder that the gift of tongues is generally con-

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