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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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sidered by the Church to be of small value, unless it be
accompanied by the gift of interpretation, which is
generally, however, granted separately.
One thing is certain : the faculty of understanding
Nonsense has never yet been distributed by the Holy
Ghost ! Utterance of sounds void of sense and imaginary
comprehension of their meaning are feats belonging to
the realm of mental acrobatics ; they ought to be re-
served for the Pentecost of the Lunatic Asylum.
It is sad to think that modern nations are so utterly
ignorant of the true nature of the gifts of the Holy
Ghost that they identify the ravings of unsound minds
with the magnificent faculty of " Speaking in Mys-
The real gift of tongues is of immense value : it is
the power of veiling eternal verities in the more or less
transparent garb of A.LLEGOEY.
Knowledge of celestial truths cannot be projected
into a human brain if they utterly transcend the com-
prehension of the Recipient. The thoughts of Heaven
must be expressed in the language of Earth : if not,
the message cannot be correctly transmitted. All our
poets possess, more or less, the gift of speaking in
tongues : their brain is a sort of receiving-apparatus for
thought-waves, which they sometimes fail to compre-
hend, yet register faithfully. It is the glorious mission
of the Inspired Artist to express sublime truths, of
which he has, perhaps, never himself grasped the Hidden

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