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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Hierophant of the Essenes. In this capacity He ad-
ministered to His disciples the Holy Eucharist—
Sacrament to which evolved Souls had been admitted
for many centuries.*
Jesus was a Manifested Ray of the Great Invisible
Spiritual Sun, the Source of all Illumination. The
Seven Sacraments are means of Grace ordained by the
Pre-existent Christ, the Divine Being with which the
Man, Jesus, was at-oned. Through the consciousness of
His Unity with that Central Self, Jesus was able to say:
" Before Abraham was I am !
The Holy Eucharist was NOT instituted by the
historical personage we reverence under the name of
Jesus of Nazareth, but by the Divine Being of whom
that historical personage was a temporary Manifestation.
At first sight, it appears as if this distinction were of
small importance. Such is not the case !
If the HISTORICAL Jesus is the originator of the
Sacraments, then no one can have received them prior
to the Christian Era. All those who have in previous
ages ascended the Heavenly Ladder would, in that
case, be outside the fold. Why this injustice ? Surely
God has no step-children ? Are we not told that " the
Heavenly Father giveth the Holy Spirit to them that
ask Him " ? (Luke xi. 13) All men and women who
loved and obeyed God long ere Jesus was incarnated,
belong to the Holy Invisible Church, just as well as
* See note on page 55.

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