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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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those born at a later period and under different climes.
Time and space has nothing to do with Salvation
Religion is an ever-present reality, not a thing of the
future or of the past ! The Spirit of Christ, which has
overshadowed this planet since its first formation, leads
the evolution of ALL its children.
According to the Catholic Church, Salvation is the
great thing to be desired above all, the ultimate goal,
to which we must aspire. But what is salvation if not
an immortalization of Self ? The worship of Self is
the very Root of Evil Selfishness—the great
bar to Divine Communion—is not eradicated by life-
long endeavours to conquer spiritual advantages for
one’s own personality. To sacrifice the joys of Earth
in order to purchase the joys of Heaven is simply a
commercial transaction. The prodigal who squanders
his immortal birthright " by riotous living " is a spiritual
spendthrift. The saintly person, who denies himself
legitimate joys in the hope of reaping posthumous
benefits, is a spiritual miser. In the eyes of the
Supreme, those two extreme types of manhood are,
more or less, on the same ethical level.
The Christian who still hopes for personal advantages
in recompense of his virtues is not yet sufficiently
evolved to be worthy of receiving the Eucharist.
This Sacrament is based upon the great principle of
Unity : no one can partake of it worthily in spirit and

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