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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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confronted with the Last Enemy, which must be con-
quered before Victory is complete. But they had no
fear of Death, for they walked hand in hand with God.
The Soul which has ascended to the fifth rung on
the Heavenly Ladder never looks back with regret : it
has no longer the slightest wish to remain on the lower
planes of life ; it accepts with equal submission Life
or Death. Why cling desperately to the possession
of a physical body when there is a possibility to conquer
a glorious body? "The Golden Fleece" is only
granted to those who gladly yield up their " coats
of skin ’’
; but that garment was given them to hide
sin, and we can only entirely dispense with it when
there is nothing in our nature left that needs hiding.
The 3 1 days spent in the Pastes, or voluntary tomb,
is the indispensable preparation to the sixth Sacra-
ment—that of Priesthood. Jonas was swallowed 3^
days by the " Monster of the Deep " before he began to
The Soul must die away from Earth before it
receives the Sacrament of Ordination.
The Church of Rome declares that no position on
Earth is as exalted as that of the Priest. According
to St. Chrysostom, the dignity of the Priest is far
loftier than that of Emperors and Kings. St. Bernard
declares that his power is greater than that of the
Angels and Arch-Angels.
These proud claims are absolutely justified if ad

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