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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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vanced in behalf of the half-deified being who, after
having ascended the Ladder of Evolution, has finally
been ordained by the Great Leader of the Invisible
Church. The true recipient of the Sacrament of Holy
Orders emulates in his person the functions of King,
Priest, and Prophet.
No higher position can be conceived. But the proud
affirmation of absolute superiority appears slightly
ludicrous when applied to the vast number of gentle-
men who have simply selected the clerical profession
in order to obtain a more or less comfortable living.
The Priesthood—such as it is established by the
official churches all over the world—has nothing to do
with the Sixth Sacrament. It is simply a stupendous
machinery, put in motion by conflicting forces.
It is the professional duty of the clergy to expound
the Scriptures to the multitude. How can this duty
be properly fulfilled by men who only grasp the
Literal sense, and are absolutely ignorant of the
Esoteric meaning ? There are, of course, individual
members of the clergy who are true channels of grace,
through whom spiritual life is actually transmitted to
the congregation, but many perform the " Magnum
Opus " d, rebours. They transform Bread into Stone,
that is, pure religion into adulterated and indigestible
To reserve the sixth Sacrament exclusively to
members of the male sex is an undeserved insult to

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