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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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identical with those held in the first Christian era, at
a period when the Fathers were still in possession of
the True Gnosis.
I beg to quote St. Clement of Alexandria, the great
contemporary of Tertullian. We find the following
sentence in his "Paedagog," Lib. I.:—"Being Bap-
tised, WE ARE Illuminated ; being Illuminated, we
ARE Adopted; being Adopted, we are Perfected;
BEING Perfect, we are rendered Immortal."
These words describe with extreme lucidity the
ascension of the mystic ladder, step by step. No
corroboration of my statements could be more effective
than that of one of the Canonised Saints of the Church
of Rome.
St. Cyril of Jerusalem also extols the virtue of the
Sacraments in the following words :
" Liberty to the
captive, remission of sin, regeneration of the Soul,
garment of light, holy seal indissoluble, chariot to
heaven, delight of Paradise."
Is it probable that he would have used these glowing
words concerning the frigid ceremonies administered
in our days to countless millions of unregenerate in-
dividuals ?
May the Christian Community compare the magni-
ficent evolution of the Soul, as described by St. Clement,
with the miserable results obtained through the in-
discriminate distribution of the Holy Sacraments unto
spiritually ignorant multitudes.

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