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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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put asunder," cannot reasonably be applied to the
countless unfortunate alliances which meet us every
day. God unites no ill-assorted couples ! The mere
fact that a member of the clerical profession presided
at the nuptial ceremony does not imply that the union
met with the approbation of Deity. It certainly ever
lacked Divine sanction if the motive that brought the
two consorts together was not unselfish love.
Marriage is the contracting of a very important
partnership, entailing grave responsibilities, which
ought to be strictly and honourably kept. But if
the continuation of the partnership is found to be
impossible, I fail to see the necessity of prolonging
it, to the detriment of all parties concerned. The tie
between husband and wife is of a Legal, not of a
Sacerdotal, nature. The Seventh Sacrament was not
instituted in order to unite for ever two imperfect
beings on the physical plane. "The Great Mystery"
of which St. Paul speaks in his Epistle to the Ephesians
(v. 32) refers to the at-onement of God and Man,
not to matrimonial affairs. May those who consider
Marriage to be a Sacrament meditate upon this
problem: "Which is worse profanation, to administer
it to unworthy recipients, or to dissolve unhallowed
unions ?
Ritualists may retort that the views expressed in this
paper are simply subjective and lack all objective value.
I am in a position to prove that these views are

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