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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Tesult of this unbalanced evolution is disastrous for
To most men in our days the welfare of the body is
the chief desideratum. Physical health—that is, the
possibility of enjoying aa much and as hng as possible
the pleasures of earth—is the main thing. It is the
all-important consideration to which everything else has
to be sacrificed. Hecatombs of living creatures—who
have as sacred rights to enjoy brief existence as our-
selves—are sacrificed daily to the insatiable Moloch of
vivisection, in the vain hope of purchasing immunity
from suffering for guilty man.
Happily a reaction has taken place. Various anti-
vivisection societies are energetically at work and try
to demolish the proud edifice, erected on the foundation
of iniquity, and silent healers have begun to recon-
struct the temple of health on hallowed ground.
The physician cures or kills his patient, according to
the latest fashion of medical science. He walks in his
own strength, and has at his disposal a more or less per-
fect knowledge of physical laws, gathered on the mental
The healer uses a working method, which has been
known from time immemorial, and can be submitted to
no change. He bestows upon his fellow creatures a
share of his own vitality. He is a living channel through
which force and grace stream down to suffering humanity
from the spiritual and celestial planes. He walks hand
in hand with God, and blessings ever follow the steps of
the True Healer.
I will now pass on to the real subject of my lecture,
and tell you what I know concerning the Ancient Brother-
hood of Healers.
We find no trace of them in the New Testament, for
reasons that I will later on explain, but the great his-
torians of the time, Josephus and Philo, give us plenty
of valuable information.
Flavius Josephus, who died in the ninety-third year of
the Christian era, was for a long time Roman prsetor in
Galilee. He was a celebrated historian, and belonged
to a family of Jewish priests. He was extremely well
acquainted with the religious movements in his country,
and had spent several years of his youth among the
The philosopher Philo was an Alexandrian Jew of
Levitic family, and a contemporary of Christ.
He relates in his " De Vita Contemplativa " that a
community of Jewish Ascetics, called Therapeuts, settled

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