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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Plea for the Six Million Jews in Russia. The Rev. S. B.
The Russian Orthodox Church. The Rev. Robert M. Russell,
D. D., LL. D.
Forty Years in Russia. The Rev. N. F. Hoijer 159
Greetings of the American Bible Society and Open Conference.
The Rev. S. H. Kirkbride, D. D., Mr. John Wasylkiev, Prof.
J. J. Vince, Rev. John Bokmelder, Rev. Eric Olson
Among the Mohammedans and Kurds at Ararat. The Rev. N. F.
America’s Opportunity in Russia. Rev. James M. Gray, D. D. 180
A Concerted Movement for Russia’s Evangelization. The Rev.
W. R. Wedderspoon, D. D.
Prophecy and Present-Day Events. The Rev. Robert M. Russell,
D. D., LL. D.
The Practicability of Reaching the Russian and Slavonic
Peoples of Europe Through Their Brothers Now in the
United States and Canada
. (A Symposium) Prof. I. V
Neprash, Messrs. Henry Singer, Gottfried Busch, L. B.
Trowbridge, Moses H. Gitlin, C. E. Putnam, H. B. Centz, D. Kilen,
Mrs. Myra Boyington Grupe, Prof. Michael A. de Sherbinin,
Rev. Howard W. Pope, Pastor William Fetler
The Bible, Prophecy and the War. The Rev. James M.
Gray, D. D.
Russia and the Greek Church. The Rev. Elias Newman 217
Testimony of a Volunteer. Mr. Henry Singer 226
A Plea for United Work. Dr. V. J. Vita 228
An Interesting Experience Related. Mr. Antoszewski 230
Permanent Organization 233
A Statement by the Chairman of the Alliance. The Rev. E. Y.
An Appeal for the Students of The Russian Bible Institute.
Pastor Fetler
The Closing Word. Dr. Brooks 240
The Conference Message 241
Brief Messages from Some Absentees 246
Appendix: A Word of Entreaty—Russia’s Latest
Appeal—China and Russia
Important Announcement 252
The Cry of Russia. (Poem) Pastor William Fetler 253
Subject Index 254

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