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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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THE opening hour on Tuesday morning was conducted by Mr.
Thomas E. Stephens, of the Great Commission Prayer League.
A half hour before the time to begin those present went to
their knees and remained prostrate before God until within ten min-
utes of the close of the hour. There were about one hundred present
during this time of intercession. Mr, Stephens said: "It will be a
memorable hour in the history of Russia if we pray as the Holy Ghost
would have us pray. The souls of 182,000,000 people hang, to a large
extent, in the balance, depending in part on the prayers of this hour."
The League used the following blackboard diagram, conspicuously ex-
hibited on the platform, to show the need of prayer:
"Draw Nijih to God"—in Behalf of Russia
"Look" (John 4:35) "Pray" (Luke 10: 2)
"The Jew first"—one Jew in every 1. For this Conference, that the
two in the world is in Russia. Holy Spirit may fill every
"And also the Greek"—75,000,000 speaker and hearer.
Greek Catholics in Russia. 2. For the 182,000,000 people of
One person in every nine in the Russia.
world is in Russia: 3. For the 1,500,000 Russians in the
Of whom

United States.
7,000,000 are in Siberia. 4. For Pastor Fetler’s work in
75,000,000 are Greek Catholics. Philadelphia and Russia.
12,000,000 are Roman Catholics. 5. For Dr. Brooks’ work among
14,000,000 are Mohammedans. the 30,000 Russians in Chicag-o.
Only 4,500,000 are Protestants. 6. For the fifty Russian students
who are with us from Phila-
It would be dishonoring to God if we should overlook this quiet but
very important part of the conference program. Mr. Stephens recalled
the following incident in connection with the experience of the founder
of the China Inland Mission:
One of Hudson Taylor’s Helpers
A young man had been called to the foreign field. He had not been
in the habit of preaching, but he knew one thing, how to prevail with
God; and going one day to a friend he said: "I don’t see how God
can use me on the field. I have no special talent." His friend said:
"My brother, God wants men on the field, who can pray. There are
too many preachers now and too few pray-ers." He went. In his
own room in the early dawn a voice was heard weeping and pleading
for souls. All through the day, the shut door and the hush that pre-

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