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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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36 A Quiet Hour Address
edge of God." Mark you! The first petition asks that we may fully
attain to the knowledge of His ivill, but this is different It is the
knowledge of Him. That is a very different thing. There is such a
thing as knowing what His purpose is, but there is another thing,
knowing Himself; and the will of God can exercise no power, no in-
fluence over one who does not know Him. You cannot know His
will apart from that. And sixth, "That ye may be strengthened to the
uttermost in the strength of His glorious power." Isn’t that wonder-
ful? He prays that for those men living in Colossse, surrounded by
everything that is frigid, everything cold and foreign in the spiritual
world,—and yet he prays for them; that they may be strengthened to
the uttermost in the strength of His glorious power. And then, sev-
enth, what for? What does he want them to be strengthened for?
Please mark this, because it is contrary to most of our thinking. "To
bear all sufferings." Strengthened with all the might of God, not to
go out and fight, not to do some mighty deed as men count, but to
endure. That means to be patient, and it means more. The word
translated patience so often in the Scriptures, as in the tenth of
Hebrews, for example, means more than merely enduring. "To bear
all sufferings with steadfastness and with joy." Oh, the linking up of
these two things together! How precious it is! And then, eighth,
"Giving thanks to the Father who has fitted us to share the portion
of the saints in the light." What a prayer that is! Who can attain
to it?
But now I just want to come back again, and, without trying to
cover this prayer in any sense, to just get the first thing. That we
might have, first, the knowledge of God, and second, the knowledge of
His will.
Zeal and Enthusiasm Not Sufficient
My dear friends, if what was said at the beginning is true, then
what I trust will by the grace and power of God the Holy Spirit be
launched and inaugurated, the movement toward so large a portion
of the world’s population that for the first time are really accessible,
if, as I said, it is a movement of unprecedented vastitude and greatness
of opportunity, be sure of this, that those who rush in today and
think they are themselves able, and say, "Come on, come on, we can
do it"—they have already written across them, "Defeat." No doubt
about that.
I wonder if those of you who are reading a good many books have
not noticed one thing, that some of the beginnings of the books are full
of enthusiasm and the sentences seem to come quickly and the thought
seems so clear, but toward the end of the book, somehow, the thing
lags; and you wish the man had known when he really was through.

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