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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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38 A Quiet Hour Address
Lord need to hear more than that. Do not let us rush to any service
for Him until, like the priests at the laver, we are first washed every
whit and have the cleansed white garments for this service. "I will,
be thou clean."
Complete Surrender
Then in Matthew 20:15, you remember how our blessed Lord says,
"Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? What I
have is mine own/’ Here is the question: Are you His? "Oh cer-
tainly!" We all recognize that. Well, was it yesterday, or last week,
or last year, that something came into your life? It may be that you
stood by the bedside of one dearer to you than life, and you saw
that life ebbing and that dear soul going out into the beyond, and you
said, "I cannot bear it," and you cried unto Him to have that one
restored; or, it may be some other thing that you lost; or, you en-
dured some trial, and you said, "Why is it that I have suffered so?
Here are persons that are living lives of complicity with worldliness,
and they seem to just prosper in everything, and to be happy all the
time, and I have sorrow upon sorrow. Why did this come to me?"
Now what is the meaning of all those things? And I suppose there
is not one of us but has, so to speak, unconsciously summoned the
eternal and infinitely wise and good God to our little tribunal to be
tried, and we have said, "Why is this? Give a reason." I am sure
some of you have heard His blessed voice saying, "Didn’t you know
that which you lost was mine? Didn’t you know that you were mine?
Are you going to question me as to what I do with mine own? Didn’t
you say you were mine in everything? Well, then, can’t I do what I
want with my own?" Oh, the sweetness of it all, when you know that
"my beloved is mine, and I am His." I cannot have Him for mine
unless He has me for His. In everything that I am and have and can
be, I am His. And then you remember that in John 21:22 He says,
"If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" Don’t you
inquire about certain things that are behind, but follow thou Me. Go,
and do what I tell you to do. Now the person who has come to Him
very closely, the person who recognizes that the Lord Jesus has a
right to do with me or my possessions and everything that I speak
of as my own, as He will, and the person who hears Him say, "You
go, and do what I tell you"; or, "You follow me," such an one can
go forward with confidence, knowing that the Lord Himself is co-
worker with him, knowing that He who never tires and never is
weary will not faint on the job, knowing that He will carry it through;
"He who hath begun a good work in you will complete it unto the
day of redemption."

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