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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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46 The Person and Power of the Holy Spirit
listen to what the Apostle Paul said. He said, "The kingdom of
God is not in word but in power."
What was the difference between the preaching of Jesus Christ and
the preaching of the scribes and Pharisees? It was not in the teaching
or doctrine, because Christ practically reiterated the things which the
prophets used to say, which the Psalmist had said and which the scribes
and Pharisees said every Sabbath in the synagogues. That was not
the difference. You remember the difference between them. They
didn’t say: "Come, and see one who has come to teach us new things."
Nothing of the sort. That didn’t strike the people. But after Christ
had spoken, then those folks went outside and said: "This man speaks
as one having authority." The difference between Christ and the
scribes was not in the word, but in the authority and the power. There
are some folks who say: "We will judge a man by this, or a member of
the church by that and the other."
A Missionary Candidate
I have learned some things in my experience, and I would like to
tell you also, in regard to receiving candidates for missionary work in
Russia, whenever the time shall come. Let me give you an illustration.
Last year I was present in a big convention in one of the cities not far
from Chicago and about three thousand people came together, and I
was expected to speak there. Meanwhile a young man, graduate of one
of the seminaries in this country, came up to me and said he wanted
to apply for missionary service in Russia. He told me that he loved
Russia. I believe he was honest, but that isn’t all. I found that he
believed some things of New Theology. And so I could not give this
man any encouragement to become a missionary to Russia, but I took
him to a little room and said, "You sit down here, and tell me how
you were saved." "I was baptized when I was twelve years old," he
said. I said, "I didn’t ask when you were baptized. I asked when you
were saved." There are a good many Baptists who believe more in
baptism than in salvation. I praise God I don’t belong to that crowd.
I said, "Will you please tell me then what has been your experience in
the Christian life. When you fell into some sin, how did you get
right?" He couldn’t tell me a single thing about the blood of Jesus
Christ, not a thing about the inspiration of the Bible. He didn’t know
where he was at, and so I had to tell him. I had to deal with him very
differently from the rest, because he was a cultured man, and very
refined. He was one of the best students in his seminary and was
secretary also to the president of that seminary; but I could not give
him any encouragement to become a missionary to Russia. He looked
like a lamb; but he spoke like a dragon. I said to him: "You had
better keep out of Russia, we can’t use you, because you have no living

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