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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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76 Tlie Inspirmg Vision of a Regenerated Russia
any people by nature ever sought; but centuries of suffering, centuries
of darkness, centuries of poverty, centuries of bondage have left its
stamp on their faces. But when you see the whole nation summoned by
Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, summoned by Him, through you; if you
are ready to be used of Him as His instrument to put His hand upon
that nation as He put His hand upon that woman bowed beneath that
bondage of sin, you will see that nation rise and stand erect, and you
will with myriads glorify God as you have never done. It may be
that it is His way of preparing blessing for His nation, for this is a
nation that has within it the largest number of Jews in the world, and
the Jews have not been forgotten by the God of Jacob. Praise His name
for that! I was reading recently speeches made by your Ex president
Grover Cleveland, and comments on them by Dr. McArthur of New
York, and others in which it was said that Russia was an utterly
barbarous people and all that kind of thing. Well, I don’t think that
Dr. McArthur is talking that way today. I wish we could see this,
that that great people are ready now. Look at all there is to do.
"Look at all there is of confusion and strife here," you say. Oh,
I know all that, there is enough of that and too much of it right
here in Chicago. But let me say this, that the confusion will go
when we get a vision of the Christ and yield ourselves to His blessed
A Wonderful Vision
If we are to see this vision that is to inspire, we must first see Christ
as He is. Have you ever looked at a great telescope? If you have not
do it if ever you have the opportunity. Ask someone who can be con-
sidered a trustworthy guide to show them Saturn, that great planet
that swings in his orbit something nearly a billion miles away from
the sun. It takes twenty-nine and a half of our years for him to swing
clear around in his orbit. That planet, with a diameter of
something like seven thousand miles, has at least two great rings

a unique thing among the great worlds of the universe that God has
made. The great outer circle of that outer ring is 176,000 miles in diam-
eter. Our earth is a big thing, of course, but it is only 8,000 miles in
diameter; this is 176,000. The outer ring is 21,000 miles wide. It is
100 miles thick, and as solid as this planet; and then there is a space
between of 1,800 miles, and then the other ring is 34,000 miles wide.
And then between the inner ring and the planet there are 20,000 miles,
and these revolving rings are graduating the orbit with the planet, but
also they are turning with the planet, and turning at a rate fifty times
faster than we are, and we are going 1,000 miles an hour on this earth
surface. What I ask you to think of is this: These rings are kept in
place; they have not varied by an hair’s breadth in space, or by a frac-

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