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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Rev. A. B. Winchester 81
and man, who brought us nigh by His blood. We who were far off have
been made nigh, for both He that sanctifieth and they which are sancti-
fied—that is, every Christian, they which are sanctified, not with the
inherent holiness which is theirs already in possession, but with the
sanctification of Him—as having been set apart, and having also the
covering of the Lord Jesus Christ covering them completely; so that
God sees no iniquity in Jacob and no perverseness in Israel; and
therefore both "He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all
of one; for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brethren. Be-
loved, I am not sure that I know just the atmosphere of the Greek
Church in Russia. I am trying my best to understand it, but I do not
know the actual working out of it in Russia. I know what it is in
Italy and I know what it is in France. I have seen the working out
of the Romish Church there, but if I understand the one thing that
differentiates that form of Christian profession from what we may
call "evangelical faith," it is this: They are saying to the people, just
as many of our ministers are also—because many of our ministers in
evangelical pulpits are in the same position—they are saying: "Now
then, be ashamed of yourself for this and that and the other. Be true,
try and do good and be good." I am sorry to say that there are even
some very prominent pastors who are saying: "Now, all you need to
do is to get up and take my hand and promise to be good, and then
you are a member of the church at once"—and all that sort of thing.
Supposing that you had a boy such as some of those big brothers
take hold of out of the juvenile court, and supposing that you wanted
that boy to reach up to something better as a citizen; and you said to
that boy, "Now then, be ashamed of what you have done." Well, he
is that in part, deeper perhaps than he would admit. But you say,
"You ought to do this and that, and if you do thus and so, you may
become a king’s son one day." Do you think you are going to help him
to live that kind of a life that you want him to live by saying that if
he will do all this and that and the other things, that he will be a
king’s son some day?
A Child of the King
There is another way that I think would be more successful. It is
not to say, "If you do so and so you may become a king’s son"; but
to say to that boy, "You are a king’s son. You are begotten again unto
a living hope. You are loved by One who puts before you just for your
taking it, sonship and princehood." In other words, tell that boy that
he is loved. Nothing will make a man so humble as to know he is
loved. Remember Job’s defense. His friends were marvelously wise,
and their arguments were wonderfully comprehensive and unanswer-
able, and Job yet stood off with his defense. But when he saw the

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