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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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94 The Bogoiskateli; or, Seekers after God
lievers, but also by other movements like the occult scientists, the
spiritualists, etc. A certain professor of the University of Petrograd,
an unbeliever, whom my wife knows personally, as she was one of his
students, used to conduct meetings. He is a good man and wanted to
give the people what they were most in need of, and therefore he read
and explained to them the teachings of the New Testament. We
should remember that the horror of these war days and the ever
present fear of death are driving the people to God. On my return from
Siberia, after the revolution, I held open-air meetings. This was a new
thing in Russia and the people came in masses. At the close of a
meeting in front of the Winter Palace the helpers told me that the
people were angry because we did not tell them all this before. This
message is the thing Russia needs.
Christian Literature Needed
There is a great demand for Christian literature in Russia. People
there do not ask for a variety of literature, but for quantities of books
and periodicals that have proven useful. The price of paper is very
high and the cost of labor is still higher. An ordinary New Testament
now costs three and a half roubles and a plain Bible as much as twenty-
two roubles, and in spite of these prices the synodical printing office is
not able to supply the demand. As editor of the most widely circu-
lated Protestant Christian magazine I had information from all parts
of the country. Everywhere the same need existed. They wrote to me
asking for preachers. From one village they wrote: "We have a
soldier returned from the front, he was converted there and now is
setting the whole village on fire for God. Come and help us."
Laborers are needed in Russia. A great problem is now before the
Christian world. Russia is open, it is true, but it is open to everybody
and everything. Who will enter first? Who will take Russia, Christ
or the enemy? Russia is now very sick, and as such she is not to be
judged, but cured. We are very grateful for the help the Allies have
given Russia, especially the United States.
Russians Religious Ideal
Every country has its national ideal. For instance, Germany has
her slogan, "Deutschland uber alles." America—well, I do not know
much as I have been here only four months, but I am told that
America knows how to make money. Even little Belgium manifested
her soul in her once wonderfully flourishing industry. Russia thinks
of herself as a great nation in the future, and always it is in connec-
tion with religion. Do you know that Russia has already defined her
ideal in her name "Narod Bogonosetz" ("the nation that is the bearer

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