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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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I Bev. 8. B. Boliold 147
and so they rejected Him. You know that darkest of all tragedies that
followed. "When He came unto His own and they that were His own
received Him not." Nineteen hundred years of exile and shame among
all the nations have not been enough to wash away that awful sin.
There has been the loss of land and freedom. The beautiful temple
has gone. There is no ark of the covenant and no Shekinah glory.
In a few days they will be celebrating the ninth of Ab, the anniversary
of the day in which the temple was twice destroyed by fire, first, by
Nebuchadnezzar and later by Titus. They will sit on the bare floor
and cry: "Our crown is fallen, woe unto us, we have sinned!" But
they have not yet recognized the real sin of Israel.
Another Misunderstanding
This was the first and great misunderstanding between the Jew
and his Saviour, between the Jew and his only King, his only Hope.
But just as the Jew failed to recognize the true character of Jesus
and His mission, the Gentile church failed to understand her true
relationship to Israel. It is a tragedy from first to last. You re-
member that extraordinary Jew, Paul of Tarsus. He was a Pharisee
of unimpeachable character. When he makes declaration of his faith
and is reciting his past history, standing in Jerusalem, no one dares
to attack the truthfulness of his statements. This Pharisee hated
Jesus and persecuted the church and believed in his heart that he
was doing God a service. But when that extraordinary vision came
to him on his way to Damascus, oh, what a change! It was a marvel-
ous change and only possible through the action of the Holy Spirit.
He became a new creature, ready to die for his newly-found Lord
Jesus. He goes to the Gentiles and testifies to them. A little church
has been formed in Rome. A heresy crept into the church; they
believed that when the Jews crucified the Nazarene, they crucified
Him with their eyes open, well knowing that He was their Messiah
and King. Having thus rejected Him wilfully therefore all claims of
the Gospel were forfeited by them. That was really the attitude of
the gentile Christian church. They believed the Jew has forfeited all
the claims of the Gospel. When Saint Paul heard of it, his heart was
broken, and it is this, we believe, which prompted him to write the
eleventh chapter of his Epistle to the Romans. He cries out from his
heart: "Hath God cast away His people? God forbid, for I also am
an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God
hath not cast away His people." Peter and John when standing at
the gate of the temple in Jerusalem, speaking to the Jews, make this
declaration: "We know that in ignorance you did it, as did also your

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