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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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148 A Flea for tJie Six Million Jews in Russia
rulers." But in those early days the Christians thought that the Jew
was outside the pale of Christianity.
The first congress of bishops decided that the Jews had forfeited
their claims to the Gospel, and for centuries they were denied admis-
sion into the Christian church. Later, a new idea came to the church,
viz., to evangelize the Jews, whether they wanted it or not; and so
there was organized the fearful inquisition with all its hideous ma-
chinery. Thus the Jews were driven farther away from the Gospel.
The Jews Among the Nations
Have you ever read of the Jews in England? How often the popu-
lace invaded the Jewish quarter in London, giving themselves to mas-
sacre and robbery? Only Jewish history can find such a tragedy as
occurred in York, whither the flames of persecution had spread, when
the priests and elders appeared before the Jewish synagogue with an
iron cross, asking them to fall down and worship it. Israel, true to
her monotheistic ideas, refused and fire was set to the synagogue, and
men, women and children were burned alive. The venerable rabbi,
with five hundred Jews who took shelter in the castle, on hearing the
cries and seeing the flames, said to his people: "This day the Lortl
calls upon us to die for our faith." Then parents killed their children,
and afterwards themselves, and when the persecutors came there were
none to persecute.
On All Saints Day, 1290, all the Jews were expelled from Great
Britain en masse and all their property confiscated. France expelled
the Jews. In Spain, between the twelfth and the middle of the four-
teenth centuries, no less than two hundred thousand Jews were slain.
The rest were expelled and their property confiscated. Where should
they go? Here is the irony, as well as the tragedy, the Jew fieeing from
Christian hate and finding shelter with the wild Mohammedans of
Arabia. But the majority found rest in Poland, and when Poland
was divided and Russia received the lion’s share, six million Jews
found themselves clustered within that great and dark country. In
Russia what did the Jew do when oppressed? Do you remembe/
Jacob of old, what he did when he was afraid of his brother Esau,
lest he would slay the mother and the child? He sent a present to
Esau, so many camels, so many donkeys, and so many horses, each
going in front of the other with a servant to proclaim that it was a
present from his servant Jacob to Esau, his older brother. That is
what the Jew has been doing for centuries. Rulers down to the
commonest policeman have to be bribed in order to get anything.

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