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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 201
every one of them. I love the Jews. Of course, I can’t help doing
that, but I love the Slavs just as much. In my work among them, I
have found that it is easier to convert a Slav than a Jew. Some of
my Jewish brethren hate to have me tell that, but it is the truth. Our
mission in Toronto is right among seven Jewish synagogues, but many
times I have more people of the Roman Catholic faith from the Slavic
races in that mission than of the Jews, and I want you all to help
give them the Gospel.
I thank God for a Gospel that came into our hands in the old
country the Gospel of Matthew. My father died when I was nine
years old. I don’t remember how old I was when I got this Gospel,
but just a little fellow, and I read it. It took me a long time to read
some of the passages, but they went right to my heart. And when I
heard somebody discuss anything, I would quote some little verse out
of that Gospel. My mother found it out one day, and she said: "Where
did you get all this?" I said: "From this little book." "Where did
you get the book?" Well, I had found it in our house and I told her
where I got it. Mother said, "No, you must not read that little book.
In church the priest said last Sunday that we are not allowed to read
that book." So she took it from me and destroyed it, but thank God
the seed has not left my heart since.
A friend of mine and I visited a man once in Hammond, Indiana,
and he said, "Brethren, you know why I am so glad to read my Bible?
It is because a little tract was sent to me in Galicia. I read it. I
knew we were forbidden to read the Bible, but I read that little
tract; and as soon as I could get a Bible I was glad to read it, too."
I thank God this young man is a member of a Christian church today.
Well, I know a good many cases like that. One Sunday morning I
was standing in front of our mission. There was a young fellow
going by, dressed in his working clothes. I invited him in, but he
excused himself and said he didn’t want to go in. So I handed him a
New Testament and told him he could keep it, because he said he had
no money to pay for it. About a year after that I called on this man
at his home and he told me that he wished all the Poles would get
as much blessing out of that little book as he had.
MR. li. B. TROWBRIDGE of the Chicago Tract Society
I think it was John R. Mott who said: "If we had the right kind
of enthusiasm for the kingdom of Christ we would be training these
foreigners in our country by the thousands to go as missionaries to

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