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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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202 Ueacliing tlie Uussian and Slavonic Peoples
their own people." That thought has been growing upon me for many
months. The workers of the Chicago Tract Society and other Chris-
tian workers have been going about among these people, giving them
the Bible and Christian literature, and sowing the seed. I believe we
are all of the opinion now that it is time to thrust the sickle into the
harvest and reap. As I was sitting here this morning I just wondered
if it were not God’s time for us to get out and press these people into
the kingdom of Christ. If we could have a concerted movement among
these foreign communities, with a mighty background of prayer, and
with people that can speak these languages,—I believe we could bring
these people by the hundreds into the kingdom of God. Then, after
we have them, we must put them into schools like Pastor Fetler’s of
Philadelphia, and start other schools, if necessary, for training these
people with great enthusiasm, to go into their own communities in this
country, or into the foreign lands, to bring their people to Christ.
Field Representative of Jewish Work, Chicago
Sixteen years ago, on the 25th of May, I was wonderfully converted.
In about six weeks I attended a missionary rally and offered myself
for service in Africa. I was too old for any board to accept, and so I
began to ask God to prepare me for what He chose, and He opened
my life to prayer. Some one gave me the text: "Ask of me, and I
will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost
parts of the earth for thy possession." I began to pray very definitely
and earnestly. The Lord has told us to go into all the world. Some of
us cannot go, but we can pray. Some of us cannot give money, but we
can give time to prayer. When you meet missionaries, do you realize
that God wants you to remember them definitely, and you can have a
part in their work in this way? Oh, may God help us along these
lines to reach these people of Russia!
MR. MOSES H. GITLIX of llie Russian Bible Institute, Philadelphia
Once upon a time two of our students were in the office of Pastor
Fetler. He had a newspaper in his hand and he said: "Here is a
girl that is looking for a husband. Why couldn’t we take notice of
these advertisements and send such people a tract, so that instead of
finding a. husband she might find Jesus?" So he gave me some money
and said: "Here is money for stamps, let us start an evangelistic
campaign this way." So we started it, and praise God the next week
we got letters from people that said they enjoyed the reading. Let
me tell you, I believe that is one of the best ways of reaching the

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