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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Dr, V. J. Vita 229
the people. We Christian people have nothing concerted, we are
scattered. These people have never seen God through the Protestant
Church, or, rather, through the Bible; they have only seen Him
through the Roman Catholic Church; and, of course, they say: "Is
that God? Well, we don’t want to have anything to do with a God
like that, or with a religion like that," and I don’t blame them;
and then we have so little of the true love of God to manifest to
Confusion of Sects
The Bohemian nation as a whole has progressed ahead of the
other Slavonic nations intellectually and educationally. That is
because they have touched the western civilized nations more than
the others. But that is a sad thing for this reason that, as they
rise in knowledge and attainment they become hardened in pride
and unbelief and against the Gospel; and those of us who work
among them know how hard it is to present the Gospel to them. I
do not mean to decry education, but when it leads a man to think
he has something above the Word of God, then we know that educa-
tion has gone wrong. We are only a few, and those of us that are
working among them are divided, and so we are, to a great extent,
a laughing stock because of the fact that we are divided. They say:
"Here is one faith, and there is another faith. Which is right?"
Now, that is the reason why I am so glad for the spirit of this con-
ference. There has been a feeling among our brethren here in Chi-
cago, and I believe it is so in other places all over the United
States—a feeling of the need of getting and working together. While
I am myself a member of a denominational church, yet I say we
need something apart from all denominational adherences, something
that we can carry to the people, some publications that we can send
to counteract what they have had, and in which there will be nothing
but that which exalts the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ alone.
Out of this conference I hope there will be something done to enable
us to get more such publications, and Scripture tracts, which we may
take to our people here, and also the Bohemian colonists in Russia,
free of anything but the truth of the Bible and the Gospel of the
Grace of God in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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