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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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AT one time when I was very tired and it was near evening, I
thougtit I would call on four more families, which were living
in the same house. I sold a booklet to each family downstairs,
but those upstairs would not buy anything, so I gave to each a copy
of our Slowa Zywota and started to leave. Suddenly, one of the
women called me and asked me to come back, and asked what kind
of books I had. I told her they were good Christian books. She
asked me then to select for her two booklets for ten cents, which I
gladly did.
Then she told me very sadly how there was much gloom in her
home on account of her daughter, who had been very ill for about
four years, and how all physicians had given her up and said she
could not live much longer. She asked me then very pitifully if 1
could not then do something to relieve her suffering. I told her that
I was not a physician and that I knew nothing about medicine, but
that I could pray for her. She was surprised that a man going
around with books would want to pray for her daughter. Never-
theless, she went to ask the suffering girl about it. Soon she returned
and took me into her little kitchen.
The Wonderful Gospel
In the meantime the father came in, and the mother explained to
him that I would pray for the sick one. But, before praying, I
wanted to see the daughter in order that I might read to her a por-
tion from the Bible. However, they told me that she was so very
sick and nervous that she would not even wish to see her best friends
and much less a stranger. So I remained in the kitchen and read
with them from the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, reading loud enough
so that the poor, suffering girl could hear me. Then we knelt down
and I prayed, and afterward started to go. But the girl called her
mother and whispered to her to invite me to come again. I called
again two days later and learned that she was worse, but as soon as
she heard that I was there she wanted to see me. When I came into
the bedroom she grasped my hand and said: "I wish you would
read to me the same words you read the other day to my parents."
I opened the Bible and read again from the fifty-third chapter of
Isaiah. She thought it was very wonderful, and asked me to read
more. So I read the twenty-third Psalm. Again she exclaimed, "It
is wonderful!" and wanted me to read again. I read the twenty-

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