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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Mr. AntoszewsJci 231
fourth Psalm. In spite of her great suffering, she seemed to be
drinking in the very spirit of the words that I read, and she would
keep exclaiming, "It is wonderful, wonderful!" Again she asked me
to read more, and I read from the twenty-first chapter of Revelation:
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall
be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying; neither shall there
be any more pain," etc. Again she asked me to read yet once more.
Here the mother thought that she was requesting too much, but the
girl urged all the more that I should go on reading, so I continued
to read about that great city, the New Jerusalem, descending out
of heaven from God.
Praying AA^ithout a Prayer Book
During all this time both the father and mother were present, and
they were astonished that the daughter seemed to forget about her
suffering and patiently and cheerfully listen to the stranger and to
these very strange words from a strange book, and they were over-
joyed that their daughter was finding so much comfort. Then the
sick maiden turned to me and said: "Now I wish you would pray
from the same prayer book the same prayer which you prayed the
other day in the kitchen with my father and mother." I told her
that I did not use any prayer-book, but that I prayed from my heart.
She, however, did not ’understand this, so I had to explain to her
what I meant, and how that God is our Father and that I prayed to
Him in the name of Jesus. I explained to her that whenever she
wanted a glass of water, or whatever it might be, she would ask her
mother for it and the mother would gladly give it to her if she
needed it, and, after getting the thing for which she asked her
mother, she would gladly thank her for it; and just so, I explained,
I ask my heavenly Father, and when I get the thing for which I ask,
I thank Him for it. She wanted then that I should offer just such
a prayer for her then and there, and after I was through she began
to pray without a prayer-book, for the first time in her life. Her
parents were present all this time, and they were very thankful for
all they saw, but at the same time they were greatly astonished that
their suffering girl could be so much interested in the words of a
The Marvelous Book
In the meantime the father had his eyes fixed on the Bible which
I was holding all this time in my hand. Finally he exclaimed: "This
Is a marvelous book! I suppose you would not sell it?" I explained
to him that it was my business to circulate such books. The mother

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