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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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The Conference Message 243
give themselves, or their money, or both, for the spread of the Gospel
in Russia.
2. To arrange for the distribution of Bibles and evangelical liter-
ature to all the people of the Russian Empire, and for the sending
of evangelists, colporteurs, and Christian workers into all parts of
that land.
3. To assist those who offer themselves for work in Russia in
every possible way, both as to preparation and reaching the field.
4. To found, or to assist in the founding, and support of institu-
tions in Russia and elsewhere which shall serve as centers for the
training of evangelists, preachers, and Christian workers.
5. To administer the contributions for these purposes wisely and
carefully, so as to secure the largest possible results for Christian
Religious Liberty Fund
To this end the members of the Alliance have set themselves to
raise "A Three-Million-Dollar Religious Liberty Fund for Russia,"
with aims of distribution as follows:
One million dollars for the publication of Bibles and Christian liter-
One million dollars for training and preparing missionaries and
One million dollars for direct evangelistic work among the Russian
In administering the funds contributed, it is not the purpose to
confine effort to that which can be accomplished by the immediate
efforts of the Alliance, but to use wisely other channels of effort:
1. To either publish, or purchase through existing publication socie-
ties. Bibles, portions of the Holy Scriptures, and evangelical litera-
ture for distribution in Russia.
2. To assist men and women in their preparation for the work,
paying in part or in whole for their support during their period of
preparation, or while preaching or teaching the Gospel in Russia.
This support may be granted to those who present themselves either
on individual responsibility or through the various missionary boards,
churches, and organizations, whose beliefs and purposes are in accord
with those held by the Alliance.
Creedal Statement
That those united for the Christ-glorifying work of evangelizing
Russia may have a sense of fellowship in faith, hope and love, the
following creedal statement is presented as expressing in brief out-

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