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Gutarnas Krönika
På originalspråket gutniska

Gotland upptäcks och befolkas
Inträdet i Sverige
Olav den helige
Biskopen i Linköping

Preface to the Electronic Edition

by Lars Aronsson in March 1997

The current electronic edition of Gutasagan is written in HTML, and is based on the previous plaintext edition of 30 Jan 1994, which was a part of Project Runeberg's collection of various "small" works.

The source for this text is an offprint compiled by Tore Gannholm from Beowulf, gutarnas nationalepos. While the offprint includes a translation and interpretation, the electronic edition only contains the original text.

The division into chapters, and the chapter headings were added in the electronic edition, and do not exist in the copy.

In the first paragraph of chapter 5 (on Christianity), the copy has "botair af botair av acubeck", which has been corrected to "botair af acubeck" in the electronic edition.

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