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[MARC] Author: Selma Lagerlöf
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Herr Arnes penningar

av Selma Lagerlöf

Läs även Oscar Levertins recension av boken.

Preface to the Electronic Edition

This text was among the first to be published by Project Runeberg. The text was scanned, OCR:ed, and proofread by Lars Aronsson. Since April 1993 it was available as plain text files by Gopher and FTP. Some important dates for this electronic edition:

The short novel Herr Arnes penningar was first published in 1904. It has been filmed and translated. The setting for this most dramatic story is Marstrand in western Sweden (then part of Denmark-Norway) one winter by the end of the middle ages.

The copy used for this electronic edition is a cheap paperback 17th edition printed in Stockholm in 1958 at Alb. Bonniers boktryckeri on behalf of Albert Bonniers förlag AB, also in Stockholm. The volume has 106 pages.

We believe the follwing to be an appropriate (SWE-)MARC record for this electronic edition:

  100 e  _a Lagerlöf, Selma Ottiliana Lovisa _c 1858-1940
  245    _a Herr Arnes penningar _m Elektronisk resurs
  257    _a Text
  260    _a Linköping _b Projekt Runeberg _c 1993
  503    _a Copied from 17th ed, 1958 paperback from Albert Bonniers förlag AB
  856    _u http://runeberg.org/herrarne/

The URN:NBN:se-d1998113 should be there too. Mail any suggestions to runeberg@lysator.liu.se

After this e-text was published in 1993, the Swedish copyright protection term was changed on January 1, 1996, from life + 50 to life + 70 years. Works by Selma Lagerlöf were once again covered by copyright until the end of 2010, and no improvements or changes were made to this e-text during these fifteen years. In October 2011, a 1978 reprint of her collected works (Skrifter av Selma Lagerlöf, in 12 volumes) was digitized, where Herr Arnes penningar is part of volume 4. The table of contents is found at the end of the volume. This is the source for the facsimile images, while the existing e-text has been left unchanged. The 1978 reprint uses the same Swedish orthography, including plural forms of verbs (voro, togo), but the typography uses dashes for direct speech instead of quotation marks.

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: 1

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Innehåll / Table of Contents

Titelsida - 1
I Solberga prästgård. I - 3
I Solberga prästgård. II - 6
I Solberga prästgård. III - 9
I Solberga prästgård. IV - 11
På bryggorna - 14
Den utsända - 19
I månskenet - 25
Förföljelse. I - 31
Förföljelse. II - 33
Förföljelse. III - 35
I rådhuskällaren. I - 40
I rådhuskällaren. II - 41
I rådhuskällaren. III - 46
I rådhuskällaren. IV - 48
Den fredlösa - 52
Sir Archies flykt - 57
Över isen - 65
Vågornas brus - 67

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