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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - Almqvist-bref från Amerika. Af Harald Wieselgren

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118 Harald Wieselgren,

Manhems-Förbundet — the plan and the organisation of the
Manhem-Order, 1 Vol. (Mark: this must not be written or spelled
»Man-Home»; as »Manhem» is an old Scandinavian Name (nomen
proprium), and can not as such be translated but must be written and
called such as it is: »Manhem»).

Ramido Marinesco; a Dramatic in verse. The place of action
in Spain. 1 Vol.

Signora Luna. Tragic Drama, 5 Acts, in verse. The locality,
for the most part, is Palermo, Sicily. — 1 Vol.

Ninon de VEnclos. Gomie Drama, 3 Acts, in verse. Locality: Paris,
France. — 1 Vol.

Kapellet, a Novel, — Sketch of the folk-life in Sweden; the
history is from the Calmarian Seashores. 1 Vol.

Palatset, »the Palace». A Japanese Fugitive appears in this
Novel. 1 Vol.

Skallnora Qvarn — »the Mill of Skellnora» — a Novel. Sketch
of the folk-life in Swedish Upland. 1 Vol.

Baron Julius K*; a Novel. Sketches of adventures and
travels in several parts of Sweden east and west of the lake Wetern;
in Nericia &c. 1 Vol.

Araminta May, a Novel in letters. 1 Vol.

Colombine, a dramatic Novel. The place of Action is partly
Stockholm, partly Scania. 1 Vol.

Herr Hugos Akademi — »the Academy of Sir Hughes, or the
Hugonian Academy». This is a society of learned Men, instituted
and regulated by Sir Hughes himself; and entertained at his
expen-ces in his own palace (at the Jagtslott), ön the purpose and with
the obligation to give answer and information, whersoever any
learned and difficult question may arise, wich Sir Hughes wishes to
have explained, ön literary, political, religious, philosophical &c. topics
of the highest interrest for him. 1 Vol.

Svenska Fattigdomens Betydelse — »the meaning and
signi-ficance of Poverty in Sweden. 1 Vol.

Twelf Träets, or small treatises ön several topics; inserted in
the periodical Skandia. 1 Vol.

A System of the Universe; also in Skandia. 1 Vol.

Epism and Dramatism, or »the Poetical Fuga»; in the
periodical Swea. 1 Vol.

Mälaren, — »the Painter»; a Romance. 1 Vol. The place of
action is close by the Lac Meler-shores.

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