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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - Almqvist-bref från Amerika. Af Harald Wieselgren

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120 Harald Wieselgren,

Syster och Bror, or »the Sister and the Bro ther»; a Romance.
1 Vol.

Tre Fruar i Småland, »the three Ladies of Smolandia»; a
Romance, in 3 Vols.

Grimstahamns Nybygge; »the Golony of Grimstahamn», in
Swedish Upland; a Novel. 1 Vol.

Ko-arrendet; or »the Gows to hire»; a Bucolic. 1 Vol.

By ska Minnet i Norrköping; or »the Russians burning the
city of Norrköping in Ostrogothia»; a Novel. 1 Vol.

Gustaf Wasa i Dalarne; »Gustavus Vasa in Dalecarlia»; a
Novel. 1 Vol.

Den sansade Kritiken, »the sensible Gritic»; a Dramatic Novel.
1 Vol.

Silkeshåren pä Hagalund, »the Cony at Hagalund» (in the
proximity of Stockholm); a Dramatic in 3 Acts in prose. 1 Vol.

Purpurgrefven, or »the s. c. Purple-count»; a Dramatic in 3
Acts, in prose. 1 Vol. The place Stockholm.

Herrarne pä Ekolsund, »the Lords of Ekolsund», a great
Mansion in Swedish Upland; a Romance in 3 Volumes.

It is to be remarked, that this List of Almqvists works is not
put down in chronological order. Also: in this List are not

1) Almqvists Works of Instruction, or Schoolbooks. Such are
grammatica! and lexicographical (for instance: A:s Swensk
Språklär a f »Swedish Grammar» ; Svensk liätt stafningslär a »Swed.
Spelling book» &c); mathematical: (f. i. A:s Bäknekonst,
»Elementar-Aritmetick», Geometry, Linearteckning with Planches &c); historical
(f. i. Menniskoslägtets Saga, »the History of Mankind»; hitherto 6
Parts published) &c. Of those Works many have gone through
se-veral editions; but in the above List th ey have been omitted, as
not belonging to Törnrosens Bok.

2) A great number of Artides and small Treatises (critical,
historical, religions, philosophical &c), inserted in Swedish
News-papers and Periodicals (such as Swea, Skandia &c). Some few of
these Pieces have been mentioned, as examples, in the List (See Y);
but not with their Swedish titles, or in extenso. To mention them
all, would have been to no purpose, and even impossible here.

You would oblige me very much, Sir, by letting me know this
Letters arrival to its destination. As I did not know the place of
your Residence or Street and House number in the city of Quebec,
I could not put it ön the Envelope.

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