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other sales’ channels came to be used as well. The chapter also gives a
survey of the company’s daily affairs: its turnover and profits, its
investments, financing and dividend policy. We learn how
Sandviken, which began with workshops worth only a few hundred thousand
kronor and possessing no resources in ore, charcoal or water power
worth mentioning expanded into one of Sweden’s largest concerns.
Annexed to this chapter is a special statistical appendix.


The fifth chapter mainly deals with the social activity carried ön
by the company. The company and the comrnunity growing up
tog-ether, it was from the beginning natural and necessary for the former
to look after the housing and the social arrangements required by
the times and conditions. The company took, for example, the initiative
in the provision of schooling and sick nursing for the comrnunity.
Schools were erected, as also buildings for the care of the sick and
for hygiene, and låter ön the company provided a large assembly
hall for the staff, a public park and other social institutions. Also in
låter years when many of these social obligations have been taken
over by the local authorities, the company has continued to look
after the phvsical needs of the members of the comrnunity by laying
out sporting grounds, bathing places, etc.

lf the company thus, especially during the early years, meant much
for the comrnunity, still it is obvious that the expansion of the
comrnunity, even when not directly due to the company, could not fail
to be of interest and importance from the latter’s point of view. Short
accounts are further given by different authors of the large populär
movements and their history in Sandviken: religious communities,
the temperance movement, the trade union and political movements
of the workers, and the different athletic clubs. Mentioned is also
the extensive educational activity which along with these movements
has contributed to lend colour to the life of the comrnunity. The
chapter closes with an appreciation of the Sandviken worker as he
was in times gone by and as he is to-day, and to this is added some
reflexions ön what may be termed the characteristics of the people and
conditions at Sandviken.

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