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The sixth and last chapter of the book will also in its own way give
a representative picture of the worker at Sandviken primarely of
statistical nature. First it is shown that many of the workers who at
one time (1872) were at Sandviken still are represented by låter
generations in the community and in the service of the company. It
can also be seen how many of these workers or their descendants
have emigrated or moved to other parts of the country.

A subsequent section shows, where the present Sandviken workers
were born and are registered. These informations have been taken
from the company’s staff records. The section illustrates also the
distribution of the working staff by age and by civil state and the
average size of the worker’s family; further it may be seen how many
of the workers live in the company’s dwelling houses, in their own
homes, etc.

Finally there are presented certain results obtained from an enquiry
made in order to illuminate the attitude of the workers with respect
to their employer and their work. We get the workers’ point of view
ön such questions as rationalisation and time studies. The enquiry
also deals with circumstances of a möre general nature: the workers
habits in the matter of sport and newspaper reading, his interest. in
political questions, in the trade union movement, and in different
problems of the day.

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