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(1871) [MARC] Author: William Shakespeare Translator: Carl Rupert Nyblom
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William Shakspeares

På svenska återgifna
Carl Rupert Nyblom

W. Schultz

Stockholm, Iwar Hæggströms Boktryckeri, 1871.

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Preface to the Electronic Edition

This is an electronic facsimile of Carl Rupert Nyblom's 1871 Swedish translation of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

The copy is a small octavo volume, measuring 125 x 167 x 20 millimeters (see cover and spine above), containing 195 pages of 115 x 160 mm, which have been scanned two at a time in 600 dpi bitonal TIFF G4 format. When presented here, the facsimile images have been reduced to 1:5 or 120 dpi grayscale.

Some famous quotations and where to find them:
108. du är min och din är jag
128. Hur ofta, när du svärmar i musik

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: titelsida, 194-195

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Innehåll / Table of Contents

Titel och innehåll - titelsida, 194-195
Inledning - 2-3
Sonetter - 24-25
Anmärkningar - 180-181

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