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Author: Birger Sjöberg
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Birger Sjöberg

Preface to the Electronic Edition

in July 2001

This electronic edition of Syntaxupproret was originally produced in September 1995 by Leif Stensson, at which time it was a plain text file. A change in copyright law on January 1, 1996 prohibited any further work on this e-text until 70 full years had passed from the author's death in 1929. When it became possible for us to reconsider Birger Sjöberg's works, in early 2000, Project Runeberg's production methods had changed radically with the introduction of electronic facsimile editions, and it was not clear whether this e-text would be useful or if the work should be remade all together in facsimile. At this time, the project was also very low on activity. The current version is the result of a quick conversion of the old e-text into HTML format, which was necessary because some old presentation scripts were broken. The question of a total remake is still open.

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