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Birger Sjöberg

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Sjöberg, Birger (1885–1929), poet, composer , Sweden.

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Birger Sjöberg was born in 1885 in Vänersborg, a nice little town in west Sweden, and died in 1929 in Växjö. He worked as a hardware store assistant from 1902 to 1906, as a journalist for Stockholms-Tidningen 1906 to 1907, and then for Helsingborgs-Posten, where he was an editor secretary in 1909. Playing the guitar and singing his own songs, he went touring in 1923. In 1926 he left his job at the newspaper.

His brother was journalist Gösta Sjöberg.


by Birger Sjöberg

Fridas bok, 1922, poetry

Kvartetten som sprängdes, parts 1 and 2, 1924, novel
This novel has also been filmed and played in the theater

Kriser och kransar, 1926, poetry

Fridas andra bok, 1929, poetry
This and the following titles were published after the poet's death.

Minnen från jorden, 1940, poetry

Syntaxupproret, 1955, poetry

Fridas tredje bok, 1956, poetry

Samlade dikter, 1973, collected poetry

Samlade visor, 1981, collected song lyrics

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