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Tema Science Fiction

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Tema Science Fiction

Science fiction is a slippery genre with almost as many definitions as it has readers. Examples range from "interstellar adventure stories" to "any non-realistic literature, including, but not limited to, space stories, fantasy, ghost stories, etc."

The purpose of this web page is to create information center for science fiction written in the nordic languages. Now, given the problem with definitions above, the range of things that should be available here is of course very much dependent on the choice of definition for science fiction. The definition currently used is leaning toward the second version above, minus the ghost stories.

The origin of the genre is another matter of some debate. There are those who argue that works cannot be written inside a genre unless the genre already exists, which means that works written before 1926 when Hugo Gernsback coins the term "science fiction" (originally "scientifiction") can't belong to the genre. While some people argue that science fiction is a very old genre, dating back to Lucian of Samosata and Plato, many consider it to be relatively new. The publication of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (1818) and the starting of the magazine Amazing Stories by Hugo Gernsback (1926) are often cited as the beginning of science fiction. Since Projekt Runeberg mainly deals with old literature, the liberal approach will be used and anything that fits a reasonable definition of the genre will be included, regardless of age.

Most of the science fiction available is rather recently written, at least from Projekt Runeberg's perspective. There are, however, a few works published by Project Runeberg that can be called science fiction. Beskrivningarna om de enskilda verken är på svenska medan resten av sidan är på engelska, det bör ändras.

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