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February 2005 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for February 2005:

Vapaa pohjoismainen kirjallisuus!

Projekti Runeberg is aiming for Finnish-speaking readers and volunteers with our digitization of Pieni Tietosanakirja, 4 volumes, 1925-1928, a small encyclopedia in the Finnish language. The motto on its 1920s advertisement poster "tieto on valtaa" - knowledge is power - could be ours as well.

We hope that this public domain encyclopedia can be of particular interest to contributors to the Finnish language version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, vapaa tietosanakirja. For example, their entries on Henrik Ibsen and Heinrich Heine started out as copies of articles from "Pieni".

We're the World's 89,684th Most Visited Website

Since December 15, 2004, Project Runeberg's website runs entirely on its own Internet domain, runeberg.org. Not only does this give us shorter URLs than before, it also facilitates the direct comparison with other websites. According to the ranking made by Alexa.com, there are only 89,684 domains in the world that have more web visitors than runeberg.org. One of these is liu.se at rank 3,009, the domain where we used to reside, which belongs to Linköping University. Are we happy at position 89,684? No, we hope to climb a little higher on this ladder, but we are glad to have a baseline for future comparisons. Our daily ranking is shown by the diagram below (provided by Alexa.com, requires JavaScript).

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