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March 2006 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for March 2006:

Nyheter i mars / New Titles in March

Project Runeberg is switching to the Unicode character set, more specifically the UTF-8 encoding. New works are digitized in this way, and old works will be converted. This will allow our texts to contain Greek letters in equations, phonetic symbols, and more. But we also open up for new kinds of software errors, and we need your help to spot and report such mistakes. Read more about Unicode.

Did you know that Project Runeberg now contains more than 400,000 pages in digital facsimile, corresponding to 20 linear meters of shelving. We passed this milestone on January 18, and forgot to celebrate. The typical full-height bookcase holds 5 meters of shelving, or 100,000 book pages, so the books we scanned would fill four of those. The last three of these bookcases took us 12, 9 and 10 months to fill.

100,000 pages
June 29, 2003

200,000 pages
June 23, 2004

300,000 pages
March 23, 2005

400,000 pages
January 18, 2006

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