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January 2013 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for January 2013: Project Runeberg growth 2003-2013 with dashed lines for two predictions

Speed and predictions

Are we doing fine, or worse than we could have? Our growth graph, as shown here in December, has been overlaid with two dashed lines starting from the point in early 2006 when we had scanned 400,000 pages. If we had continued as we started, to add 120,000 pages/year, we would be at 1.2 million pages now, instead of 1.0 million. We could have reached 1.0 million pages two years ago. On the other hand, if we had continued to add 40,000 pages/year as we did during 2006-2010, we would still be at 680,000 pages and reach 1.0 million in 2021.

Both predictions are possible, just as our present reality in between. One fascinating aspect is how the rate of proofreading seems to be entirely insensitive to the rate of scanning. It continues at about 30,000 pages/year, before 2006, after 2010, and in between.

Update: As of September 7, 2013, we have 1.36 million pages and are no longer "in between", but well above the +120,000 pages/year dashed line.

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