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December 2013 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for December 2013:

A Summary of 2013

Project Runeberg turned 21 years old on December 13, 2013, the same age that Project Gutenberg (founded in 1971) had when we started in 1992. They are no longer twice our age.

We currently hold 1.49 million scanned book pages, which is a 45% increase over last year. Since the end of 2011, two years ago, our collections have doubled. 1.34 million pages (90 percent) are OCRed, but only 0.27 million (18 percent) are proofread. Proofreading progressed with only 20,000 pages this year.

Among important additions this year are the Swedish illustrated biographic dictionary Svenskt porträttgalleri (26 volumes, 1895-1913) and the Finnish encyclopedia Tietosanakirja (11 volumes, 1909-1922). The latter was scanned by the Internet Archive at the University of Toronto, from where we copied the scanned images and added our own improved OCR text.

For journals and periodicals, we only digitize volumes that were published more than 70 years ago. This year, however, the editors of the Swedish engineering journal Ny Teknik encouraged us to advance beyond this limit regarding their predecessor Teknisk Tidskrift. We did so in July by digitizing the years 1960 and 1962. We have received only thanks and no complaints, and will thus continue on this path.

Both in October and November, our website produced over 1.3 million pageviews, which is 14 percent less (!) than a year ago. Alexa currently ranks us as the world's 80,000th most visited website, which is similar to the websites of Norway's and Sweden's national libraries and, as far as we know, better than all museums and all other library websites in Scandinavia. Norway's national archive (arkivverket.no) is an exception in this group, having a website ranked as the 24,000th most visited.

Public Domain Day - January 1

Copyright lasts for an author's lifetime + 70 years. Every year on January 1, works by a new class of authors enter the public domain. Celebrate the Public Domain Day with us and other enthusiasts around the world on January 1, 2014, when works by authors who died in 1943 are released. For a list of such authors, translators, and illustrators, search our database of Nordic Authors or consult Wikipedia's Category:1943 deaths (available in many languages).

Among Scandinavian celebrities, we immediately spot Danish writer Henrik Pontoppidan, Finnish writer Maria Jotuni, Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg, Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, Swedish composer Alice Tegnér, and Swedish painter Nils von Dardel.

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