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Thora Goldschmidt

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Goldschmidt, Thora(--1935), writer, Denmark.

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Thora Goldschmidt, died 17 August 1935, Danish language teacher. Together with journalist Julius Schiøtt she started in 1892 to publish visual language tutorials or picture dictionaries ("Billed-Gloser", "bildglosor"). These were adopted to many languages, including Swedish readers wanting to learn English and French readers wanting to learn German. Among her helpers were Kirstine Thaning and Niels Bøgholm.

The Danish Royal Library lists a Fortegnelse over Bogsamlinger der har tilhørt ... Thora Goldschmidt samt forskellige Boer og Rekvirenter, Auktionen finder Sted Fredag den 13. December 1935 (Catalog of book collections having belonged to ... Thora Goldschmidt ... The auction will take place on Friday December 13, 1935), 77 pages, published in Copenhagen.

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