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Project Runeberg comes to you from LYSATOR at Linköping University in Sweden.

Nordic Authors

Project Runeberg's
continuously updated database of
more than 30,000 authors and other relevant people
from the Nordic countries,
including hundreds of detailed biographies.

Projekt Runebergs
ständigt uppdaterade databas med
fler än 30.000 författare och andra intressanta personer
från de nordiska länderna,
med hundratals detaljerade levnadsbeskrivningar.

Project Runeberg's database of Nordic Authors is easy to use, free of charge and open source. There are several ways to access the database. This is a work in progress. Of the 33,000 names (December 2013), 55% are Swedish, 17% Danish, 9% Norwegian, 3% Estonian, and 3% Finnish. Your active contribution can help to balance this score.

Nordic Authors open source listing
Download the complete listing of more than 30,000 Nordic Authors with names, years of birth and death, nationality, and profession. This is a ISO 8859-1 plain text file named a.lst (click to download, 1.8 megabytes). Please report any errors or missing entries back to the editors@runeberg.org. Please indicate the RCS identification of the version you used. A similar file (t.lst) lists the titles of the more than 2,000 books that we have digitized.
Search for Nordic Authors
The search is based on Project Runeberg's databases of more than 30,000 Nordic Authors. For each author, we list their names, years of birth and death, (nationality,) and profession.
Biographies of Nordic Authors
For hundreds of Nordic Authors, Project Runeberg provides detailed biographies. You will find links to these biographies when you search for Nordic Authors. The contents of the biographies vary from author to author, and may contain
Link to Nordic Authors
Several hundreds of the Nordic Authors have detailed biographies, as described above. Each biography is a web page of its own, and has a bookmarkable URL. Links to these biographies are found when you search for Nordic Authors. Once you found your favorite authors, you can make a links to them from your own homepage, or save the bookmark. We guarantee that the URLs will not change, and the links will not be broken in the future, thus saving you from a lot of trouble. Furthermore, the URLs are all written in lower case letters (and sometimes digits 0-9) and contain no strange letters, umlauts, or characters that might look bad in print. We encourage you to mention these URLs to your friends and to print them in newspaper articles.
Write about Nordic Authors
If this database does not contain enough information about your favorite Nordic Authors, you are welcome to make a contribution. Write to the editors of Project Runeberg on editors@runeberg.org. Project Runeberg was built by unpaid volunteers like you. Together, we build the Internet's biggest center for Nordic literature!
More Information on the Internet
We encourage the use of Wikipedia for author presentations. If other sites on the Internet contain more information about your favorite Nordic Authors, we intend to keep up-to-date links from our biographies to these sites. We welcome your input. Write to the editors@runeberg.org.
Literary societies devoted to Nordic Authors
In the mid 1990s Project Runeberg used to offer free web space for literary societies, but this offer is no longer open. You can still see some old examples of this in our Tema section.
I mitten av 1990-talet erbjöd Projekt Runeberg gratis utrymme för webbpresentationer av litterära sällskap. Detta erbjudande är inte längre öppet. I vår temasektion finns några äldre exempel på detta.
Nordic Authors in Your Pocket
It is now long since our Palm Pilot format version of the Nordic Authors database was updated. If you have a 3com Palm Pilot, you can bring Nordic Authors with you wherever you go, by downloading nordauth.pdb. This 260+ kbyte compressed Pilot/Aportis Doc format version of our database contains the names of more than 12,000 famous Nordic people in a compact and easy to read format, complete with a legend:
Aapeli, (Simo Puupponen) (1915-1967) fi, writer
Aare, Leif (1933-) se, musician
Aarestrup, Emil (1800-1856) * dk, poet
Aarsleff, Carl (1852-1918) dk, sculptor
Aasen, IVAR Andreas (1813-1896) * no, linguist, poet

Read more about Project Runeberg's Pilot editions.


Books are protected by copyright during the lifetime of the author and then for 70 more years (life + 70). After that, the books enter the Public Domain, which makes them available to Project Runeberg. Books by authors who died in 1935 entered the Public Domain on January 1st, 2006. Learn more about copyright.

To find out who died when, you can search for Nordic Authors. This was the original purpose behind our database of Nordic Authors.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to help us extend or improve these databases, you are welcome to write to the editors@runeberg.org.

Innehåll / Indhold / Table of Contents

Contents Overview

Project Runeberg's author database contains 35447 authors, out of which 14499 have presentations of varying lengths.

A   Aabel, Andreas -- Azimi, Maryam (853 authors)
B   Baade, Knud -- Bülow-Hübe, Torun (1472 authors)
C   Cacace, Mariangela Johansen -- Cöster, Fredrik Bernhard (418 authors)
D   D'Albedyhll, Eleonora Charlotta -- Dürrfeld, Peter (389 authors)
E   Eastman, Samuel Coffin -- Eysteinn Ásgrimsson (528 authors)
F   Faber, Else -- Fürst, Thorvald (488 authors)
G   Gaarder, Jostein -- Günther, Johan (597 authors)
H   Haag, Erik -- Hüttner, Peter (1308 authors)
I   Ibsen, Aage -- Izarn, Joseph (91 authors)
J   Jaabæk, Søren -- Jürgensen, Jürgen (456 authors)
K   Kaae, Harry -- Küsel, Ernst (689 authors)
L   L'Estrange, Charles James -- Lützow, Jørgen (1068 authors)
M   Macaulay, Thomas Babington -- Mützelburg, Adolf (733 authors)
N   Nachman, Eduard -- Nørretranders, Tor (520 authors)
O   O'Flanagan, Sheila -- Oxenvad, Niels (194 authors)
P   Paadar-Leivo, Rauna -- Pönitz, Carl Eduard (419 authors)
Q   Qashisho, Yuhanon -- Qvist, Hans (17 authors)
R   Raab, Axel Arvid -- Rützebeck, Holger (693 authors)
S   Saabye, Svend -- Süskind, Patrick (1583 authors)
T   Taarup, Martin -- Tøxen, Manasse (557 authors)
U   Uddenberg, Agneta -- Uurto, Iris (82 authors)
V   Vaa, Aslaug -- Vørsel, Niels (214 authors)
W   Waage, Erik -- Würtz, Paul (803 authors)
X   Xiao, Hong -- Xingjian, Gao (2 authors)
Y   Ya Ding -- Yxkull, Otto Reinhold (25 authors)
Z   Zacharias, Gun -- Zöller, Siri (100 authors)
Á   Árnadóttir, Nína Björk -- Ásmundsson, Valdimar (3 authors)
Ä   Ährling, Johan Erik Evald -- Ängman, Jacob (5 authors)
Å   Åberg, Alf -- Åström, Wilhelm (64 authors)
Æ   Ægidius, Hans Chr. -- Æreboe, Rasmus (3 authors)
É   Énault, Louis
Ó   Ólöf Sigurðardóttir á Hlöðum
Ö   Öberg Lindsten, Kajsa -- Özkök, Lütfi (75 authors)
Ø   Øberg, Edith -- Øygarden, Bjørg (47 authors)
Þ   Þórdarson, Matthías

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