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Anders Ljungstedt

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Ljungstedt, Anders (1759-1835), supercargo, historian, consul, Sweden.

The following English text on Anders Ljungstedt is taken from a brochure produced by the Association of the sister cities Linköping and Macau.

Anders Ljungstedt

Anders Ljungstedt was born in Linköping, Sweden, on March 23rd, 1759.

After studies at the University of Uppsala he went to Russia as a teacher 1784-1794. He returned to Sweden and became an employee with the Government as a translator and interpreter of the Russian language.

In 1798 Ljungstedt got an employment in the Swedish East India Company and went to Guangzhou (Canton) where he stayed as a supercargo.

At this time, Canton was the centre of the trade on China. It was the only port open for foreign vessels. Ljungstedt was content with the international atmosphere. Also the climate suited him.

After the company's activities having ceased in 1813 Ljungstedt continued to do business of his own and made a big fortune. Most of his money he donated to his home town, Linköping, for the purpose of starting a school for poor boys (later on also for girls).

In 1815 Ljungstedt settled down in Macau. He then became Knight of the Royal Order of Vasa (Vasa was a Swedish Royal Dynasty) and 1820 he was appointed the first Swedish Consul General on China.

In Macau Ljungstedt made researches in the history of the Portuguese Settlement, which resulted in the still important work "An Historical Sketch of the Portuguese Settlements in China and of the Roman Catholic Church and Mission in China & Description of the City of Canton."

This work appeared in 1992 in a new edition by Consul Bengt Johansson, Hong Kong, and in 1997 in Chinese. Anders Ljungstedt died in Macau on November 10th, 1835. He was buried at the Old Protestant Cemetery. Ljungstedt also had a Chinese name (Long Si Tai. Long means dragon - a symbol of China, Si means thinking and Tai means peaceful.)


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