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Edward Henry Palmer

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Palmer, Edward Henry (1840-1882), orientalist, Great Britain.

Edward Henry Palmer, English Orientalist, born 1840, died 1882.

1868 member of the expedition for mapping of Sinai
1869--1870 explorer in Sinai desert
1871--1882 professor of Arabic at S:t John's College in Cambridge
1882 during Egyptian rebellion sent by Gladstone on goodwill mission among Arabs; interpreter in chief to force in Egypt; ambushed and murdered by Arab robbers



See also note on Eirikr Magnusson.

Oriental Mysticism. A treatise on the sufiistic and unitarian theosophy of the Persians , 1867
2nd ed. 1938
new ed. 1969
new ed. 1974
A descriptive catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts in the library of Trinity college, Cambridge, 1870
The Desert of the Exodus. Journeys on foot in the wilderness of the forty years' wanderings; undertaken in connexion with the ordnance survey of Sinai, and the Palestine exploration fund, 1871
A grammar of the Arabic language, 1874
A history of the Jewish nation : from the earliest times to the present day, 1874
new ed. 1900
English-gipsy songs. In Rommany, with metrical English translations, 1875
together with Charles Godfrey Leland (1824-1903) and Janet Tuckey
Baha' al-Din Zuhayr ibn Muhammad (1185-1258), The poetical works of Beha-ed-Din Zoheir, of Egypt, 1877
with a metrical English translation, notes, and introduction by E.H. Palmer
The Song of the Reed and Other Pieces, 1877
The Qur'an, 1880
English translation by E.H. Palmer
new ed. 1900
new ed. 1928 with an introduction by R.A. Nicholson
new ed. 1965
He kaine diatheke. The Greek Testament with the readings adopted by the revisers of the authorised version, 1881
Greek text with English preface by E. Palmer.
The Arabic manual, comprising a condensed grammar of both the classical and modern Arabic, reading lessons and exercises, with analyses, and a vocabulary of useful words, 1881
4th ed. 1901
Simplified grammar of Hindustani, Persian and Arabic, 1882
2nd ed. 1906
A concise dictionary, English-Persian, together with a simplified grammar of the Persian language, 1883
by E.H. Palmer; completed and edited from the ms. left imperfect at his death, by G. Le Strange
new ed. 1914
new ed. 1931
Jerusalem, the city of Herod and Saladin, 4th ed., 1899
together with Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901)
new ed. 1908

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