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Magnus von Wright

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Wright, Magnus von (1805–1868), zoologist, painter, Finland.

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Artist Magnus von Wright was born on June 13th, 1805 in Kuopio, Haminanlax, Finland, and died on July 5th, 1868 in Helsinki.

Presentation of Magnus von Wright by the Ateneum's Collection of Drawings at Finnish National Gallery.

Magnus von Wright was the first taxidermist working with the vertebrate collections of Helsinki University. He started his work as a taxidermist in the 1820's and stuffed birds i.a. to the collections of the oldest scientific society in Finland, Societas pro Flora et Fauna Fennica. In 1845 he got the position as taxidermist at the Anatomical Museum of the University. In the collections of the Zoological Museum there are more than two-hundred birds prepared by him, many of them shot by him or by his two brothers.

Magnus von Wright made several study journeys to Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and even wrote a short manual (not published) on how to mount birds. Although a skilful taxidermist he was, together with his two brothers Ferdinand and Wilhelm, much more known as an eminent artist and an outstanding zoological illustrator. In 1859 he published the first handbook on Finnish birds. He held the position as taxidemist at the University until his death in 1868.


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