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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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am really cordially attached. At parting, Mr.
Downing admonished me with his beautiful smile
that I should on all occasions make use of a little
inborn tact (N. B. a something that I was born
without) so as to know what I ought to do and
to permit. I think, in the meanwhile, that I made
good use of his advice by immediately afterward
declining the proposal of a young man to climb a
lofty church tower with him. Nothing impresses
me so much as the youthfulness of this people, I
might almost say childish fervor and love of
adventure. They hesitate at nothing and regard
nothing as impossible. But I know myself to be too
old to climb up church towers with young gentlemen.

When the Downings left me, I was intrusted to
the kind care of Mr. Putnam, who was to conduct
me to his villa on Staten Island. It was with difficulty
that we drove through the throng of vehicles
which filled the streets leading to the harbor, in
order to reach the steamboat on time. I cannot
help admiring the skill with which the drivers here
manage to get out of the way, twisting about,
shooting between, and disentangling themselves
without misadventure from real Gordian knots of
carts and carriages. It is remarkable, but not pleasant.
I sat all the time expecting to see the head of
a horse coming through the carriage window, or

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