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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Swedish about them, excepting their family names,
of which I recognized many. No traditions of
their emigration hither remained; language,
appearance, all had entirely merged into that of the
now prevailing Anglo-Saxon race. The church clock
alone had something truly Swedish about it,
something of the character of the peasant’s clock
in its physiognomy, and was called Jockum.

The church, a handsome and substantial, though
small building of brick, was ancient only in its
exterior. The interior was new and very much
ornamented. A large book was placed upon a sort
of tall stand in the middle of the church, and upon
its pages might be read in large letters, which
however have been somewhat altered by restoration,
“The people who dwelt in darkness have
seen a great light.” And this inscription, together
with the old church at Wilmington, in Delaware,
and a few family names, are all that remain of the
old colony of New Sweden on the eastern shores
of the New World. Yet no! not all. A peaceful,
noble memory of its life continues to exist on the
pages of history, like a lovely episode of idyllic
purity and freshness.

Yesterday, also, I visited Franklin’s grave, and
bound clover and other field-flowers into a garland
for it. Franklin belongs to the group of fortunate
men who are the heroes of peace and the quiet

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