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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the Eastern American States. By degrees, however,
this population becomes orderly under the
influence of the New World’s cultivation, and
with every passing year the new Adam gains a
greater ascendency over the old, in proportion as
the better emigration from the Pilgrim States
gains a firmer footing, and with this, schools,
churches, and the better periodical press take their

The valley of the Mississippi has room for
about two hundred millions of inhabitants, and the
American Union has a heart large enough, and
sufficient power to take under her charge all
strangers, all neglected or unfortunate children of the
earth, and to give them a portion of her earth
and of her spiritual life.

Charleston, South Carolina, May 1. It is very
common in Europe to censure the institution of
slavery in the United States of America as a sin
against the Holy Ghost which takes away all truth
and all value from their free estate. But people
forget that it is only a part of these states which
have slaves, and that it was Europe who first
compelled them to have them! Many of the young
colonies, in particular Virginia and Georgia,
protested in the beginning, and that in the most
strong and earnest manner, against the

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