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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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northwards to west of Vladikavkaz. The Tats are
also an Indo-European people, living along the
coast of the Caspian, north of Baku.
Among the Turkish-speaking peoples may be
mentioned the Kumyks, who live in the Daghestan
coast-lands along the Caspian Sea, and to the south
past Derbent ; north of them are the Nogais in the
neighbourhood of the Terek delta. Some Turkish
tribes also, such as the Taulus and the Karachaevs,
are found dwelling half-way up the mountains west
of Elbruz and north of Svanetia.
The First Part of the Journey
At four in the morning, Monday, July 6th, wc left
Tiflis; our friend Napoleon had made all the
arrangements, and came with us in the car. Our
expectations were high; wc had heard so much
about this remarkable road through the Caucasus.
The Russians had made a start with it as early
as 1783-4, when they also founded Vladikavkaz
(that is, the Ruler of the Caucasus) . After the road
had been finished at the beginning of last century,
it was rebuilt at a great expense by Prince Barya
tinsky, the conqueror of Shamyl, and was com
pleted in its present form in 1 86 1 .
The first stretch went northwards along the Kura.
Wc then drove through the narrow part of the
valley, where the great new dam for the power
station has been built across the stream. Here
18,000 horse-power are to be developed now, and
later on 30,000. High up on the steep mountain on

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